Friday, March 2, 2012

Castles In Air

Hey music muggers! So wed night, I woke up with a terrible stomach virus and have been in bed since. I am feeling a little better today so I decided I would hit youtube for some good drum covers, cause thats what I do when I am stuck in the house and bored to death...long story short I came across a great drum cover by a guy- Taylor H. Under his video I found the link to his band, Castles in Air based out of Redlands CA, so of course I HAD to check them out! Just as I thought, they did not let me down cause  their music is great! I loved their sound and what's better is- remember that Taylor kid I told you about? haha- he plays drums & sings background vox! Soo cool! Being a drummer myself I think thats is amazing so I am a fan! Anyways....If you want new tunes for your ipod, you can find their album on itunes! Check them out or you'll miss out! PEACE!

Thank for visiting The Music Mug....see ya at my next post!

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